Emissions Testing Means Clean Air! Emissions Testing Means Cleaner Air!
ADEQ Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Is My Vehicle Exempt

Arizona exempts most vehicles of the newest five model years from emissions testing. In 2015, most 2011 and newer model year vehicles (except reconstructed vehicles) do not require an emissions test. And, as of June 21, 2013, motorcycles are no longer required to be tested in Arizona.


  1. If you are active duty military, stationed outside of Arizona, you may qualify for a military out of state exemption, CLICK HERE.

    Download Military Exemption Form

  2. If you have a vehicle that is out of the State of Arizona and it is time to renew, CLICK HERE.

    Download Out of State Form

  3. If you live outside of the emissions test area but received an "emissions required" notice, CLICK HERE.

    Download Out of Emissions Area Form

  4. If you own a “collectible” vehicle, you may qualify for this exemption. CLICK HERE.

Is your vehicle registered outside the test area? Use the address locator, CLICK HERE.

For more detailed information about these exemptions, CLICK HERE.