Emissions Testing Means Clean Air! Emissions Testing Means Cleaner Air!
ADEQ Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Waiver/Referee Actions

Effective 7/1/14 all Waiver/Referee actions will be conducted at:

  1. 4949 E. Madison, Phoenix, AZ 85034
  2. 10210 N. 23rd Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85021
  3. 3931 N. Business Center Dr. Tucson, AZ 84743
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The New MyAzCar.com

We hope you’re enjoying the new and improved myazcar.com! We have revamped the entire site to make it faster, cleaner and easier to navigate so that you find the information you need without the hassle!

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Motorcycle Testing in Metro Phoenix Ends

It is official. The U.S. EPA published the change in the Federal Register, announcing that motorcycles are no longer required to have emissions tests in order to obtain registration.

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Insurance Data Loggers

If you participate in an insurance program that monitors your vehicle’s operating data, be aware that you must remove the “Data Logger” from your vehicle’s Data Link Connector...

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Was Your Car Rejected?

If your vehicle was rejected for not being ready, please take our short survey.

Check It First! (OBD)

Is your Check Engine Light on? If your vehicle is 1996 and newer, it is equipped with an On-Board Diagnostics system (OBD). If your light is on, you cannot pass your emissions test. In order to pass, you will need to address the problem before bringing your vehicle into a test station.

Station Hours:

Mon - Fri 8am - 7pm / Sat 8am - 5pm

CLOSED: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Faster Testing:

REMEMBER: Testing is faster mid-week, mid-month, weekdays from 5-7pm and on Saturday afternoons.

Mon-Fri, 5-7pm | Sat, 2-5pm | Mid Month

Check for other conveniently located stations near home or work.

OBD Express Lanes

If your vehicle is equipped with OBD, use the designated OBD express lanes for faster testing.

Wait Times - Find Out Now!

Now emissions testing is faster! CLICK HERE for up-to-the-minute wait times! Or call 1-877-692-9227.

New testing technology and customer service measures increase the effectiveness of emissions testing and shorten the time customers spend in the emissions process. The results are cleaner air, faster testing procedures and better customer service.

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  • Failing Vehicle
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